Can Exercise Be “Bad” for Your Health?

OK.  I know not exercising is bad for your health.  But I didn’t realize exercising could also be bad for your health.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2009 there were 575 reported instances of exercisers being injured by treadmills alone.

Now if you extrapolate that to all the different kinds of exercise equipment – jump ropes, exercise balls, weights, frosted mugs (those things can be heavy and barroom brawls are brutal, but I digress) not to mention all such injuries that go unreported, the injury toll must be staggering.

Why do I suspect that a lot of the treadmill injuries reported in the CPSC report are a direct result of, shall we say, a lack of mindfulness?  Can you say “cell phone” or “ipod?”

Anyway, keep exercising, have fun, and pay attention!

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